Editorial Services


First-Time Clients: Please email a brief statement summarizing your writing background and stating your goals and expectations for your work.


Guidelines for Poetry:

First-time Poetry Clients Only: Preliminary Reading and Assessment $325
Send 15 pages of poetry—no more than 1 poem per page; 32 lines per page max.

After the preliminary assessment, you may choose from these options:

Option 1: Individual poems (min. 3) --
General response, suggestions, and/or editing $8 a page (no more than 1 poem per page; 32 lines per page max.)


Option 2: Longer works—Chapbooks (max
30 pages) $550
Full length manuscript (max 65 pages)

* critique of individual poems
* overall suggestions for improvement of manuscript
* suggestions for alternative ordering of poems, if indicated
* suggestions for alternative title for manuscript, if needed


Payment Schedule: If under $85, payment is due when you submit the poems or manuscript; if over $175 half of the amount is due when you submit the manuscript; remaining half due after you receive the manuscript.


Mailing Information: You must enclose SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) with sufficient postage for return of manuscript. If the package weighs more than one pound, be sure the package that the SASE bears a USPO metered marking (rather than postage stamps). Never send your only copy.


To meet in person: $85 per hour
(References provided upon request.)