My Current Project

I am currently working on poems about the art and lives of Monet and van Gogh.  While these are ekphrastic poems, there are many with a personal element to them.  I've always loved the artwork of Monet, but settling on van Gogh came as a surprise.  I'd thought I might include other artists, but these two took over the show.  I am beginning to publish these poems in journals, and you can see some of them under "Poems" by scrolling down to "New Poems."  Many of these poems have a narrative element, but I'd describe them mostly as lyric.  Working in short line breaks is something new for me.


No matter what my project, I've never totally abandoned autobiographical poems.  As my friend Cathy Smith Bowers said (our current state poet laureate) they are where I have the most emotional investment.  


Each poem is a new journey as everyone who writes knows, and each book is also a  journey.  I've deliberately set a different task for my forthcoming book,Counting the Lost, and also this ms. I've currently working on.